The Application of Automated Chain Line Pattern (CLiP) Matching to Identify Paper Mouldmate Candidates in Rembrandt’s Prints

By C. R. Johnson, Jr., W. A. Sethares, M. H. Ellis, S. Haqqi, R. Snyder, E. Hinterding, I. van Leeuwen, A. Wallert, D. Christoforou, J. van der Lubbe, N. Orenstein, A. Campbell, and G. Dietz. In New Directions in the Study of Rembrandt and His Circle, in press.

Abstract: This document describes an on-going project – initiated in late 2012 – to investigate the use of chain line pattern matching, rather than watermarks, for the detection of moldmates, i.e., sheets made from the same papermaking mold, in Rembrandt’s prints. We investigate the application of computer-based, image processing tools to mark, measure, and compare the idiosyncratic intervals of chain lines as recorded in beta-radiographs of these prints in the hunt for moldmates.

Full text available here.

Marbled Paper

Copyright C. R. Johnson, Jr., et al., 2016.